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About Health Map 360

What is the Health Map 360?

Health Map 360, is a unique, comprehensive and detailed assessment and planning tool that identifies your most important physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle and relationship, development and growth needs in a comprehensive and whole-body (360 degree) manner. With this tool, you can plan your treatment and recovery needs smartly.  Health Map 360, tells you what are the underlying causes of your life problems and guides and links you to programs that meet your needs best.  

How is it administered?

Our team has developed a standardized assessment protocol consisted of scientific and state of the art questionnaires developed by experts of the field. These questionnaires assess you in 12 main categories of health and well being and each category consists of detailed questions that are used to identify your strengths and areas that would need improvement.  

How would I benefit from it?

At the end of the assessment you will receive a detailed report on all those 12 categories. Your report is easy to ready and simple to understand. It will provide a detail list of are areas that you would need to improve. Then our team will provide you with a solution for each issue.