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About Health Map 360

What is the Health Map 360?

Health Map 360, is a comprehensive program that tries to identify the route cause of a person's problems, presents the results in 12 different domains, and then provides a list of treatment options that are supported by scientists. Using this technique, our consultant physicians identify your most important physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle, relationship, and developmental needs. A full assessment takes a few hours and at the end, you receive a comprehensive report that is easy to understand. The reports then is used by professionals to outline a treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

How is it administered?

Our physicians will do a complete physical on you followed by an in-depth bio-psycho-social and emotional assessment performed by our consulting team. You will be assessed in 12  health and wellbeing categories. A full assessment could take several hours, depending on your needs. 

How would I benefit from it?

At the end of the assessment, you will receive a detailed report on all those 12 categories. Your report is easy to ready and simple to understand. It highlights your medical, emotional, psychological, and mental health issues. 

Then our team will create a treatment plan that included any or all of the followings:

  1. Blood workup or other laboratory investigations as indicated
  2. Diagnostic tests 
  3. Medications, supplements and herbal products if indicated 
  4. Consulting
  5. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  6. Psychotherapy
  7. Home detoxification and treatment of alcohol or drug recovery 
  8. Comprehensive pain management
  9. Interpersonal relationship skills
  10. Physical fitness and exercise
  11. Diet, nutrition and weight management