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Level 1 Plan:

Baseline complete assessment includes:

1. Physical health assessment 

2. Mental Health Assessment

3. Emotional health assessment 

You will go through a detailed interview, current and past medical history, physical exam and diagnostic investigations if indicated. 

Level 2 Plan:

This assessment includes:

1. Exercise & Fitness: your scientific plan

2. Diet & Nutrition: improve your weight and body composition 

3. Chronic Pain: no one should suffer  

Level 3 Paln:

Level 3 includes a detailed review of:

1. Cognitive function 

2. Personality

3. Alcohol or Drug Use 

Level 4 Plan:

This level is for those who would like to have a strong and confident back to work and business and be able to use full of their skills and capacity. You will go through a comprehensive assessment for: 

1. Social Intelligence: keep it simple and smart!

2. Occupational & Financial: your road map to success 

3. Relationship: get along with any type of people, anywhere, anytime!


Q 1) Which plan best suits me? It depends on what you are looking for from your training. Our plans are set up in 4 packages of 3 assessments that best match and also complete the previous package. You can choose any package or even any one component. Health Map 360 is designed to conduct a psychometric assessment and analysis of an individual in 12 domains that represents a full picture of a person's well being. 

Q 2) What is the cost of the assessments? Our staff will meet with you to provide further information and do a preliminary assessment. Then a plan will be designed and tailored for you. The cost of assessment varies from $699.00 to $3500 depending on the plan. 

Q 3) How long would each level of assessment take? It takes 1-3 hrs to complete each level. They can be done in-office or online. 

Q4) What would I get at the end of the assessment? You will receive a detailed report indicating your health status in each of those 12 categories which would represent your strength and will point to areas that need improvement or treatment.